Gun shooting Riga

All tours running DAILY! To be on the safe side, book at least 1 day in advance!

Gun shooting tour

The standard package includes 3 different guns:

1) Glock 9mm
Shooting tours in Riga
2) AK 47 Kalashnikov, 7.6 mm semi-automatic
3) Pump action shotgun Winchester 12mm

Bobsledding tours

There are 3 ways to get down the Olympic Boblsed track:
1) get in a Sponge Bob – speeds up to 70 km/h, lot of fun, no pilot, just slide down the track with 4 other people in the bob.
Bobsledding tours in Riga
2) lay down on your belly in the Frog – speeds up to 70 km/h, possibility to
film the ride through a plastic window. Seats 2 people.
3) the real deal – OLIMPIC BOBSLED with OLIMPIC MEDALISTS in luge. Speeds up
to 120 km/h, it takes only 47 seconds in average to get down, 16 mind blowing corners and

Bobsledding tours in Riga

Olympic Bobsled

1000 m. Seats a pilot and 3


Sigulda & Ligatne
These are magical places where walking can take days, so we will show you the top must see destinations – medieval castles, beautiful nature of Gauja National Park, and of course, the famous hidden Soviet bunker.
Wed, Fri & Sun at 10 am
Duration 5 hours

Cesis & Araisi
Cesis is a beautiful Latvian Hanseatic town, green and picturesque with history going back 800 years. It used to be recognized in Europe as the capital of the Livonian Order. The tour to Cesis includes a stop at the site of the Castle Araisi Lake, dating back to the 9th century.
Thu & Sat at 10 am
Duration 5 hours

Rundale palace & Hill of crosses
Hill of crosses (in Lithuania) is famous for the thousands of big and small crosses built on an old mound, making the place unique in the world. Before that we will stop in one of Latvia’s hidden gems, due to its difficult to reach location, the Baroque palace of Rundale.
Sat & Sun at 10 am
Duration 8 hours